About us

Celpex Kft. was founded in 2009 by young, agile professionals who were already successful in their profession. Thanks to continuous development and more than 14 years of experience, we carry out more than 100 successful projects every year.

In our building, which includes offices, a machine assembly hall, as well as a cutting and locksmith plant, nearly 50 experienced employees work every day to create an efficient and economical machine. 

We serve the technical needs of our customers with the most modern technologies and innovative solutions in first-class quality. We create value, not just a machine.

To support production, we have our own cutting plant with the following machines:

Surface grinder, universal lathe and milling machines, block spark, wire spark, CNC machining centers, 3D printer

3D printing is a production process that can be used to create solid objects and products from a digital file created by a computer. During the process, the desired shape is created by building progressive material layers on top of each other. 3D printing is significantly different from other manufacturing processes, as it involves adding material instead of removing material. Thanks to this, even complex shapes can be made with using less material.